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Dear Travelers,
Welcome to our company,
Signature Tours EgyptWe are not only offering you Tours, We provide you a real lifetime experience in Egypt.
Since 1974, Signature Tours Egypt believed in connecting and helping our curious travelers to explore, know and connect with Egyptian culture.
Signature Tours Egypt is very selective when choosing our staff. We don’t only choose qualified and professional tour guides and leaders but also choose those who are friendly, with a sense of humor who are committed to offer a superior level of experience so you can enjoy your time with them.
Our tour operators , in the booking process, are not only offering you a tour but are advising you how to have an unforgettable experience and how to fully enjoy and maximize your time in Egypt.
We are a member of the Egyptian Travel Agent Association E.T.A.A and the International Air Transport on Association I.A.T.A .
A Word from Chairman: 
''We at Signature Tours Egypt believe in innovation, growing, and consistency along with our partners to ensure the delivery of a safe, excellent, and flexible experience to our travelers throughout the booking process, journey and even after returning.''
Amir Ghonem


Our tour operator team will be able to assist you,making the holiday planning process much simpler. We are working in this field for more than 50 years where we combine experience and youth. They are working 24/7. Ask us and we will answer you in your language.

Our tour guides are professionals with more than 10 years of experience ,provide to our guests assistance information on the Egyptian culture and historical and contemporary heritage .and reveal the secret stories and hidden facts behind the sight you see by all languages. They take you deeper into the Egyptian and historical culture.

We have very highly skilled drivers that always ready and available. Your driver provides a safe transportation for you and your luggage from one destination to the other. Our drivers are experts on roads , they know the way like the palm of their hands .

Signature Tours Egypt